Elias Ventre

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia.



Since November 2022, I am a postdoctal fellow at the University of British Columbia, in the team of Geoffrey Schiebinger. My work focuses on the study of the Schrödinger problem for single-cell data analysis, in particular when we have access to the lineage tree structure between cells.

I have obtained a PhD in mathematics applied to cell biology, in the SBDM team at ENS Lyon and the Dracula team at INRIA and UCBL Lyon 1, supervized by Thibault Espinasse, Olivier Gandrillon and Thomas Lepoutre.

Before that, I have obtained a master's degree in Mathematics from UCBL Lyon 1 in 2019.

I have also obtained a master's degree in Architecture and Building engineering in 2015, and I have worked during 2 years in the group Builders & Partners.

Here is my CV for more details.

Research interest

Modeling gene expression at the molecular level for studying cellular fate:
  • Multiscale analysis of stochastic hybid processes,
  • Landscape analysis through Large Deviations Theory,
  • Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks from single-cell datasets,
  • Cell trajectory reconstruction from single-cell datasets using entropy minimization problems.